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» Comics - Page 9: Amok - November 12th, 2008, 6:15 pm

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Author Comments:

mlai, November 12th, 2008, 6:18 pm

This "comic" will detail the characters in the comics FIGHT and FIGHT_2. Art by Mlai, cg colors by JustNoPoint.


Monev the Gale... I just had to include this character, because his action figure rocked. Like Tex Hex (Hanes), the figure was 50x better than the cartoon rendition. In the cartoon/anime, Monev was just a wrestler-sized man in *purple spandex*. His chainguns were so pathetic, he had to resort to using a bazooka (he carried his bazooka in a *brown bag*... it looked like Hamburglar's bag, without the $ sign). His anime characterization and death were equally pathetic. The action figure, however, transformed him into a monster; no matter what I did, I still couldn't do that figure justice (my skillz aren't strong enough). I knew it'd be a bitch to draw, but I had to. Ed agreed.

Monev was originally meant to appear in F1, but his appearance would be so late I just couldn't wait anymore. So, I put him in F2 instead. His fight with Nuada and Chase was very short originally; Chase wasn't even supposed to fight him. But eventually the fight just ballooned into 2 chapters. Now we're both burnt out drawing him... we've found a replacement for him for the role in F1.

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